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    What's new?

    App update

    lite Panda CMS

    This content management system is made for those who like to edit their website the fast and easy way. It does not focus on the looks of your website but only changes the things that really matter: the content. Check it out, here!
    lite Panda CMS thumbnail
    App update

    Purrrfect Catch Release on Android

    We finally released Purrrfect Catch for Android! You can still download the demo for PC but you will also be able to download the full game, for free, to your android phone.
    Right now we are making sure the game will also be playable on iOs and WindowsPhone in the future. Check it out, here!
    Purrrfect Catch thumbnail
    Website update

    Website updates

    This year we have done quite some work for clients regarding web-design. We have added some to our portfolio and you can check them out! Check it out, here!
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