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We love making games and apps, and that's why we'll probably be doing that in our free time.
Here you will find information about our games and apps but also apps and programs made for companies.
Of course we're able to provide you with handmade apps.

Purrrfect Catch

Purrrfect Catch image
android icon
Purrrfect Catch, a game created for the sole purpose of entertainment. To emphasize the fun factor, the game is pumped with wacky, funny, and a crazy amount of content which of most is not logical at all.

This is a crazy casual game for young and old!
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lite Panda CMS image
internet icon
Content management system.
LitePandaCMS is a lightweight content management system specially made for web-owners who want to make fast and easy adjustments to their website content.
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Goal game

Goalgame image
internet icon html5 icon
Game designed for youngchampions1.com
A simple html5 based game where the player will have to score 10 times. After 10 goals the game will save your playtime and compare it with other player times which is shown in a highscore list.
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Iceskating club app

Iceskating club app image
android icon
admin-app and member-app for IceSkatingclub: ijsclub Vooruitgang
These apps are made to make updates to the website easier and to quickly provide members of the iceskating club with information.
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Sun VS Earth

Sun VS Earth image
ios icon
For years Earth has been struggling with Sun's rays and the ozone layers have almost disappeared! But earth is pretty optimistic and knows a way to reflect the harmful rays of the sun. Use the sun's rays as a weapon against him and maybe cool the hot-head down. Grab a ray and throw it back! The sun has a really bad temper though, so stay focused, don't let any ray hit earth.
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Wing image
ios icon
wing is a fly like no other. This little fly has always dreamed of having its own pie, but sadly all that the farm offers him is milk and vegetables...not really our friend's most favorite meal.
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